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Rose Meldrum-Donegan ADHP  MCHPA(Accr)  CHPA (Sup)  Dip CBT  Therapist,Training Analyst,Rose 2 Supervisor, Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Certified NLP Life/Business Coach

I started my own journey of self- discovery over 25 years ago. Whilst married with four children and successfully running my own Montessori preschool there were areas of my life that just were not working.  No matter how motivated I was, no matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn’t get past those real life challenges that seemed to limit or block me.

I knew instinctively there must be an underlying reason for these persistent and reoccurring problems and that there must also be a way to break through and overcome these obstructions and limitations.

Driven primarily by the need to improve my own life I can now offer my clients the means and the opportunity to enhance the quality of their lives, increase their performance and reach their personal goals. It was this personal driving force that lead me to study and qualify in many and varied therapies initially such as Massage, Reflexology, Bio Energy to name but a few.  I became fascinated with the mind/body connection and the resulting negative or positive influences on our lives.

The final piece of the jigsaw fell into place for me personally when I added to these skill sets, Hypno-Psychotherapy , NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). I have undergone training with worldwide influential teachers, healers and coaches and my practice now focuses on Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy, life Coaching using the powerful effects and skills of NLP.

If you want to achieve more, be more, have more – you need look no more !

I can guide and teach you to overcome your personal life challenges whether they are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  Whether they are of a personal or professional nature.

Fulfillment, Success, Happiness, Confidence, Health or well-being are your birth right and are yours for the claiming.

I also specialize in Past Life Regression Therapy and Spiritual bereavement counseling for those seeking this  specific approach to therapy .

My sincere best wishes,