Analytical Therapy

ROSE OFFERS A FREE 30 MIN INTRODUCTORY CONSULTATION (worth  €50) FOR ANALYTICAL THERAPY. These are limited free appointments and offered when time permits only. You may have to book this free introuductory consultation well in advance to avoid disappointment.

This is to discuss the best treatment method for your problem before embarking on therapy.  Analytical Therapy generally takes between 8 /12 sessions.

Briefly this therapy finds the root cause of deeper symptoms and problems and removes it.

Very often we are unaware of situations, experiences, or relationships from the past that are still influencing how we feel, think, and behave today. The doctrine is called ‘Cause and Effect’. Analysis reveals the cause and consequently relieves the symptoms. You realize where your problem comes from, and with that realization comes the cure from within yourself.

Often of the root causes might be partly or wholly forgotten, making your current feelings or behaviour patterns confusing. We sometimes feel there is no way round these limitations and carry a feeling of  ‘This is just who I am’ or Iv always been like this’ or ‘ The past is the past it’s too late to change it now’  but that thankfully is not the truth.

Time and time again I have helped clients find the causes and move past the obstacles and blockages in their lives and go on to lead happier, more fulfilling and rewarding lives.  More often than not, it is not one big or traumatic past event or situation that caused the problems, it is more like 16 ounces rather than a pound of experiences. 

To the current and Conscious mind these past events/situations/relationships might be considered unimportant today or best left alone, but the reality is, that the Subconscious mind is still running the programme from the past and its stored in the Subconscious mind and its been played out in the background as it were. It is as if its still happening today and therefore produces feeling and behaviours relating to these past events/situations/relationships known as the (ISE) Initial Sensitizing Event, that no longer serve us.

There are normally 8/12 sessions in this therapy and the release will, with all probability, occur during that time.  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) are also used where appropriate throughout the therapy sessions. This will be discussed in more details during the first consultation. This initial session is concerned with identifying your symptoms and planning the most appropriate course of treatment and of course to answer any questions you may have.

A personalised CD is made during your treatment for home use to get you the best possible results and as rapidly as possible.