Past Life Therapy Workshop

PLT(Past Life Therapy) is incredibly successful in creating dramatic, profound and positive change in client’s lives.

Belief in Past lives or reincarnation is not a prerequisite for using the PLT approach for dealing with today’s problems. It can be seen as a powerful metaphor which appeals to the subconscious mind. This is your dream mind, your deeper mind, which  is responsible for your memories, emotions and habit forming patterns which can either have a positive or negative influence on today’s life experiences. This is why when tackling a problem on a conscious mind level or a will power based approach only, very often does not bring about the changes we want. We need to direct our work to the subconscious part of the mind where the memories, emotions and  habit forming patterns originate and reside in.

All regression therapy including PLT is based on the premise that exploring and understanding the past can and does help the present and indeed the future. Or more simply put, it finds the root cause of the problem or symptom and removes it. It is then basically like a weed with no root, it cannot continue to live or influence us any longer.     

Here in Ireland, as in the rest of the world, more and more people are seeking help with a variety of problems through Regression Therapy combined with Past life Therapy.

Belief if past lives is not essential for the therapy to work.

No special education or initiation or abilities are needed to recall past lives, just open minded willingness under the guidance of a qualified experienced PLT practitioner such as Rose,  who establishes a relationship of trust to counsel and to deal with the many and varied emotions that may arise during a session.

Many clients consider those experiences as diagnostic psychodrama or the  Rolls Royce of Metaphors and treat them as such.

As long as the experiences are taken seriously as experiences, then the process will indeed be effective.  The vast majority of clients find the therapy, relaxing, enjoyable and surprisingly easy and have found that PLT often helps where other forms of psychotherapy fall short as it uncovers the source of most problems in its own unique way.

Course Aim:-

To introduce you the student to several of your own past lives while working individually, and as privately as you choose to whilst in a group setting. This gives each student a greater knowledge/understanding /insight into self, one’s relationships and life’s goals or challenges in your present life.


  • Explore concepts and theories of past lives.
  • Experiential participation in several past life recalls,
  • Overall review of learnings, insights gained during exploration and how to apply this practically and positively to present life.

Course Objectives:-

To gain greater knowledge understanding and insights into why we feel, act behave, and respond as we do today as we trace, back to past lives the reasons, and origins for these feelings and behaviors.

This often explains and clears so much with regard to difficult and perplexing problems in present or current life on many levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Some of the main benefits from using PLT are:-

  1. Brings clarity and new insights to your life, your relationships your goals and ambitions/challenges.
  2. Discover your life’s purpose in your trans-personal journey.
  3. Uncover and overcome past issues that have inhibited your personal growth.
  4. Understand the reoccurring patterns from past lives and how to overcome them if they are negatively effecting you today so you can reach your full potential in any given area of your present life.

Fees / Duration : A half day workshop run on a Sat or Sun. Please ring  to book for next available course date and fee details.


Date : Saturday 29th OCT 2016  Venue : Bantry Holistic Centre, Main St., Bantry, Co. Cork.                                                         Time : 10.30am to 2.00pm approx

Info Hour 10.30am Sat 8/10/16 Organico Health Shop, Glengarriff Rd, Bantry.

INVESTMENT :  €100 BY Paypal or cheque  50% deposit required on booking to secure your place

EARLY BIRD BOOKING €90 – Get a 10 Euro discount if paid in full by 16th Oct,    2 weeks prior to work shop date

Receipts will be issued for deposits paid preferably by email and are fully refundable in the event of the workshop being cancelled or postponed.