Over the past few years I had attended therapy in order to addresses and work through many personal issues.  While my 2+ years of counseling did indeed dramatically improve life, there were a couple of specific issues I never found resolution to. I then by chance found Rose online and after a brief discussion we both felt past life regression would be suitable for my situation. I have always been on the fence when it comes to the belief in past lives and so I attended the session slightly skeptical but with an open mind. It is, honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

From the outset Rose made me feel incredibly comfortable and at ease as she accompanied me on my personal journey to a much greater self understanding.  I genuinely believe that the few short hours spent with Rose exploring my past life was the equivalent of at least a years worth of talk therapy in terms of the issues resolved. I cannot recommend past life regression therapy enough. Whether it is seen by the individual an actual rememberance of past lives or a subconscious metaphor,  I found the results to be powerful and astounding and highly recommend it to anyone regardless of their beliefs.

My sincerest thanks to Rose for accompanying me on this journey; it has changed my life for the better. Suzie

I loved the experience of the past life sessions I had and if anyone has questions or is mildly interested I just recommend it highly every time. “I felt I needed to do some soul work and I started to search for a Past Life hypnotherapist..and I found Rose. Four years ago I read a book about it and found it very interesting, but now was the time to do it. The experience itself was life changing, I was so glad I made the step to reach out and with Rose I had an empathetic, wonderful and respectful guide, who took me by the hand. Afterwards I felt so connected and whole, it made my relationship much deeper and listening and understanding myself and my needs is so much easier since.

I went back for another session a couple of months ago, and the second time I knew I had to work on a specific issue. I was very nervous, but Rose helped me again, guided me through another past life and we worked out the essential message. It changed my life again and it still does. The best thing you can compare it to is a seed, which is planted in the session and then starts to grow and change your life, your view, your behaviour towards yourself and others. I’m so thankful I have found this way of taking the next step of my soul journey and I hope I’ll learn and grow through many more. I can’t recommend it highly enough, besides my laser eye surgery the best money I’ve spent for myself! ” I hope to see you again in the new year 2014 for another past life adventure/ soul work.

Kind regards, Annika