When I first went to Rose she did an in-depth analysis of my problems. Each session seemed well thought out and structured to my needs and by the 5th or 6th session I began to feel more in control of my issues and emotions. I found that when confronted with ‘triggers’ in my everyday life which would have previously upset me, that they didn’t impact on me as negatively at all as in comparison to before I had therapy. I was able to ‘step back’ and not let them overwhelm me. Rose had taught me ‘tool kits’ to practice and help overcome these crucial phases.

From my experience I can say that if a person is committed to the therapy as directed and planned by Rose, he/she will gain the benefit.  Rose not only uses Hypnotherapy in her sessions but uses Psychotherapy and sometimes combines it with her other therapeutic approaches like NLP and CBT to help her clients.  I would like to add that in my experience and in my opinion  Rose is a very dedicated and skilled therapist that I would recommend to anyone seeking help overcoming their life’s challenges.

Lily. Pharmacist___________________________________________________________________


“Rose is inviting, warm and really knows how to set one at ease. Since completing my sessions I feel a lot more outgoing, confident & ‘me’ again. Also, I have been able to sleep again at night with the help of her meditation CD which she tailored to my needs. I would really recommend Rose to family or friends because she’s terrifically effective, compassionate & professional. Sarah.

Single Mum

I went to Rose for confidence and relationship issues.  At the time I felt I was at an all-time low. I was in a pretty bad place in my relationship and I didn’t believe I deserved any better.  Rose helped me to see that I did deserve better and that I needed to be treated with love and respect.  She was so kind, understanding and easy to talk to.  I have since ended the relationship and my confidence has increased significantly. I now believe more in myself and I listen to the hypnotic cd frequently which was personally made for me.  My whole life has changed and for the better.  Thank you Rose.  I will always be grateful.

Yvonne, Secretary