I began attending therapy sessions with Rose for fear-related anxiety.  I had been experiencing panic attacks for two years and although I couldn’t pin point what had started them, I knew it had to do with how I was thinking and feeling about my health.  I had tried everything, counselling, natural calming remedies, meditation and I couldn’t find a way back to feeling “normal” again.  It started to make me feel very low and I found it difficult to enjoy life or find joy in anything! I knew I needed to change how I was thinking so I could change how I was feeling so after a recommendation I contacted Rose.

After 7 sessions with Rose of hypnotherapy combined with NLP and CBT and a lot of commitment on both our parts, I was beginning to feel more like “me” as the weeks progressed I was overall happier! I felt there was more light to my life and my ambitious side to me got the kick start it needed.

I still listen to the CD Rose made for me and my confidence is at a high while my anxiety is at an all time low.  I sleep better at night and I am much more enthusiastic about life but in a very calm way.  I am truly grateful for all that she has done for me and would be very happy to refer any family member or friend to Rose if they are going through a difficult time. Thanks for everything Rose.   Laura. Physiotherapist.


Picking up the phone to make the call to say “I need help, I’m not coping so well with life ” was very difficult for me and I almost felt like I had failed in someway by having to do so BUT from the moment I spoke with Rose she immediately made me feel at ease and I just knew I had made the right decision in seeking help. Throughout each session Rose was a comfort, a support and above all gave me hope to believe that everything was going to be ok.

Rose has given me excellent coping mechanisms to help me through my issues of anxiety and for that I cannot thank her enough. I am happy, confident, relaxed and I wake up each morning looking forward to the day ahead.  I feel like I have been given a renewed vitality.  And yes, life may once again throw things at me but the difference this time round is that I Now Know How To Deal with whatever comes my way.  I look forward to a great, bright future and for that Rose, I Thank You! Jo. Receptionist.