NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Rose is qualified to Master Practitioner level of NLP and is an NLP Life/Business Coach. She studied with Mr. Brian Colbert of the Irish Institute of Neuro-linguistic Programming, and is licenced by the Society of NLP (Dr. Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP).

NLP Explained:-

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.  It explores how we think  and behave rather than why we have the problem and where it originated from.  NLP is a set of psychological tools which teach you, how language effects the brain in specific ways and how to create change through the use of language to change problematic behaviors and habits. NLP  brings about successful  control of your emotional state with positive restructuring of your thinking and communication,  teaching and empowering you  to live more happily, become more motivated, communicate, influence and persuade more easily and improve yourself in any area of life.


We have habitual specific ways of thinking and, communicating and behaving. While some are useful other are not. Through understanding how we learn, change and improve, it is possible to develop new habits of thinking, acting and communicating that make us happier and more successful.

NLP is fast becoming one of the most sought tools of human enhancement and performance improvement that has ever been known. Science Digest describes it as ‘the most important synthesis of information available today about human communication’. People have used NLP to improve their lives in many different ways and so can you. NLP shows you the difference that makes all the difference in your life.

NLP can be used with or without formal hypnosis and some clients choose this incredibly powerful and life enhancing therapy alone and because of Rose’s eclectic background in therapy, very often a blend of NLP, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hypnosis can be woven together as a tailor made individualized blend of therapies to suit your particular needs and choices.    

NLP Life Coaching

Life coaching helps to straighten out your life and your work and to take the next step – in the direction that is right for you. Often it is about apparently simple, but elusive issues like becoming stronger, communicate better, decide better, become more independent, increase freedom or “simply” feel better. Life coaching is about helping people to find inspiration, become more energetic, get in flow, and be more authentic. Life coaching that succeeds is life-changing. Sometime spectacularly, but always tangibly, so much so that it may be called transformation.

If that succeeds, depends on how one is coached, with what methods, and by whom and the Lough Hypnotherapy Centre will give you the very best opportunity for success. And more than anything else, it depends on you, the coachee. Life coaching is no miracle. It is more about getting personal experiences and personal insights as fast and deep as the process allows.

With NLP Life coaching you can overcome the barriers and obstacles that stand in your way of having the life you truly want whether it’s with your personal or professional goals such as:-

  • Reduce stress and tension and balance your life.
  • Improve your relationships and social life.
  • Become fitter or healthier.
  • Improve or enhance your sexual life.
  • Find the right job or career.
  • Set goals and achieve them.
  • Better Navigate life with its demands and setbacks.
  • Create a more positive attitude to finances.
  • Use your time more efficiently
  • Explore your creativity and spirituality
  • ENJOY your life!

For further information on NLP and highly recommended books by Brian Colbert who is regarded as one of Ireland’s most prominent and successful NLP Master Trainer and head mind coach on RTE’s ‘The Afternoon Show’ see