Blushing Problem

When I went to Rose first, my circumstance was in certain social situations I found myself blushing, even when I wasn’t in an embarrassing situation and the more conscious I became of my blushing and the more I wanted not to blush the more I blushed . This situation was holding me back in my career as I tended to avoid certain situations. At first I was skeptical of the whole hypnotherapy process, as I knew little about it, but decided to give it a try. From my very first session with Rose, my skepticism had been banished. Rose explained how my reaction of blushing was a reaction which overtime had become embedded in my subconscious and we went about re-training my mind to react differently in the future. The key for me was the personal CD, Rose developed, which focused on my sub-conscious mind. I had four sessions in total with Rose. In addition to helping me re-train my mind, after meeting with Rose I recognized that I wasn’t dealing with a problem but rather I was looking to self improve thereby achieving an even better quality of life. I would highly recommend Rose as she is a professional and very caring practitioner. John. Operations Manager