After years of worry and sleepless night I finally came across the Lough Hypnotherapy website. I took the next step in contacting Rose, from our first meeting she was so easy to talk, warm and sensitive. I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders realising I’m not the only person in the world who has this problem of a sexual nature.  Rose made it so easy to speak about everything In the months I attended Rose in my relaxed state of hypnosis we revisited past memories that may have triggered this feeling.

The techniques Rose used made me realise a lot of what was holding me back. She used a combination of hypnotherapy with NLP and CBT.

I find the CD very beneficial and I still listen to it frequently. She put a lot of time into planning sessions and they were never rushed she is excellent at identifying how best I could move forward.  I am much more confident in everyday life, and in the bedroom thanks to Rose.

Rose you really were the light at the end of a tunnel. I would highly recommend any woman or man with a sexual problem dont suffer alone anymore and make that call to Rose.

Thank you so much.