I came to Rose to deal with painful issues from my childhood which were affecting my adult life. I had tried all kinds of things including conventional therapists and counselors but I never seemed to get anywhere. Hypnotherapy counseling with Rose allowed me to get straight to the source of the pain and problems in my life, helping me resolve issues and move on with my life.

Since then, whenever I am stuck in life or if I just need some help to see a situation more clearly, I pop back to Rose. She is great at identifying the appropriate technique from her range of services that will best suit the problem and every time we work together I move on to better things. Rose is very patient, understanding and caring and I always feel safe in our sessions. She puts a lot of time and effort into planning sessions and is excellent at identifying how best to get to the root of issues and providing a way forward. She is like my light at the end of the tunnel! I cannot thank Rose enough for the positive changes she helped me achieve in my life!  Thanks,                                                                                Anne. Human Resources

My experience working with Rose was one of a gradual acceptance of her overwhelming compassion and acceptance.

This was hard for me at the start as those where traits I found so difficult to give to myself. I came to Rose at possibly the lowest point in my life. A point when I really needed something to change. I know she would say that I made the change, which I believe to be true, but I could not have that change without her help.

As our sessions went on and I more and more poured out the contents of my very troubled and hurt mind I felt a sense of understanding and compassion from Rose, which I gradually have been able to give to myself, and this in my opinion has been the turning point in my life. For this I am eternally grateful. As corny as it sounds she believed in me when I couldn’t.

I would recommend Rose to all and sundry, the more a person is hurting the more I would recommend them go. It truly is the sub-conscious mind which is the driver in a person’s life and the only hope of real change is by changing what’s going on in there. To that end I believe your work to be priceless. The world needs more healers. I’m glad I met a good one.


Dan. Builder