Professional Supervision


My Qualifications in Supervision

I am a fully accredited and  registered Training Analyst and Supervisor with CHPA, having trained with MICHAEL CARROLL Ph. D. of the Centre for Supervision Training in the UK.

My  training is for inter-professional supervision and is not restricted to hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

In addition to my current profession, I am the owner and Principal of my own Montessori Preschool established 1989 which continues to successfully operate in Cork City. My eclectic background in business, numerous complimentary therapies and as an Accredited Hypnotherapist, NLP Master and NLP Life and Business Coach, and CBT Therapist, amply qualifies me as a Supervisor for Therapists, Counselors  Coaches, Healthcare Professionals, Teachers and Managers.


Supervision is a regular protected time for facilitated in-depth reflection on Practice.  It is a working alliance between two professionals.  The Supervisee offers account of their work, reflect on it, receive feedback and receive guidance if appropriate. .

Consider these four elemental stages of your work.

1)      You the Activist – Doing the work.

2)      You the Reflector – Supervision offering opportunity for reflection

3)      You the Theorist – Supervision bringing about new learning and insights.

4)      You the Pragmatist – Implementing the new learnings in practice.

Why is Supervision so important to good practice?

The object of this alliance enables the Supervisee gain in ethical competency, confidence, and creativity, so as to give the best possible service to Clients and in your workplace.  It offers objectivity in reflecting on one’s work.  It is retrospective introspection which leads to insights and learnings. Understanding that no matter how long we are in practice that we are always learning.

Supervision is a form of experiential learning.  It is transformational not transmissional. It should not be regarded as remedial in any respect.

Supervision is a journey of exploration and discovery carried out in a supportive confidential environment. Its true purpose is to create shifts in the Supervisee.  Good Supervision should offer the Therapist safety and support to open up and address issues and utilize this positive therapeutic climate which is conducive to beneficial change. It needs to be  used practically to improve the quality and experience of your work or it does not fulfill its true purpose.  To know and not to act is not to know, implementation is the goal.

What role does the Supervisor play in Supervision?

  1. Depending on the background of the Supervisee my role as Supervisor may vary as follows:-
  2. Trainee Supervision – Mentor to the novice.
  3. Consultative – Equal competent relationship to the experienced therapist.
  4. Managerial – Combination of 1 and 2 and also help Supervisee fit into their particular system or organisation.
  5. Tutorial Supervision – Mentor/Guide in Project work of the Supervisee.
  6. I am guardian of ethics for the Client and duty of care

Supervision needs to be about ‘the work’ but also about the Therapist too.  It is rewarding but often demanding, but the work can be a vehicle of learning.  Part of my work is to be mindful and recognize stress/burnout/transference and counter-transference in the Supervisee’s work and life and to safeguard both the Client and the Therapist in this.


The Lough Hypnotherapy Centre offers two types of supervision:

  • One-to-one
  • Group Supervision

If you require supervision please contact me for further information


My most recent supervision qualification was from MICHAEL CARROLL Ph. D. of the Centre for Supervision Training in the UK who is a chartered counselling psychologist and an Accredited Executive Coach and Supervisor. A Counsellor, Supervisor, Trainer and Consultant to organisations in public and private sectors, he specialises in employee well-being. He has lectured and trained nationally and internationally. For further information on Michael Carroll and his most recent books see

My initial Supervision training was with the ICHP  I have fulfilled a course of training, study, practice and examination in the subject of training analysis and Hypno-Analytical Supervision in Clinical Hypnotherapy. I have been awarded accordingly with the status Training Analyst for Hypno-Analyst/Hypnotherapist and Supervisor for Hypno-Analysis/Hypnotherapist and qualified as a Foundation level Teacher through the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy.