My teenage daughter suffered hugely for two years from social anxiety, which was probably as a result of bullying in secondary school and  parental separation during her early years. She went from being outgoing and confident to being introverted and nervous, and did not want to go out or mix with people at all. She used to be physically sick with worry about everything and had difficulty sleeping properly. After a chat we decided on Therapy/counseling rather than medication, and she had one visit with a  therapist, but she refused to go back  as she did not feel comfortable with him at all.

After some research, I spoke with Rose by phone and found her manner to be very open. My daughter made an appointment with her. She was very nervous going, but  was delighted when she came out, as she said that Rose was very friendly and put her totally at ease. After each session, I noticed a difference and by her fifth visit, my daughter said that she was very happy with her progression and did not feel she needed any more meetings with Rose. Now, just five weeks later, she is  once again a confident young woman, socializing with friends and has just done a complete turnaround in her life.

I cannot believe the change in such a short time, but I think that Rose’s friendly manner allowed my daughter to attain a trust very quickly,  and thus a willingness to participate actively and openly in the therapy. I do not have any personal experience of Therapy/counseling and would have been a skeptic, but not anymore. I know there are a lot of parents who would have similar worries about their children and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in  recommending Rose. My daughter holds Rose in high esteem and has said that she would definitely recommend her to her peers. This I feel is high praise from a teenager. Because of Rose, my daughter is now living her life to the full, and I am very grateful to her.                                                                     Bernadette. A grateful Mum