What can Hypnotherapy Help?

    Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy can treat the following: (This list is not exhaustive)

    Panic Attacks Stress Break Habits
    Insomnia Increase Self Belief Study & Pre-Test Nerves
    Smoking Sports Improvement Fear of Flying
    Weight Reduction Some Skin Disorders Bedwetting
    Claustrophobia Business Enhancement Sales Performance
    Anger management Better Memory & Concentration Excessive Drinking
    Guilt Release Emotional Disorders Pain Management
    Sexual Dysfunctions Sexual Abuse Recovery Obsessions / Compulsions OCD
    Fears & Phobias Social Phobias Hypnosis for Children
    Anxiety/Worry Nail Biting Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
    Chronic Fatigue Hair Pulling Interpersonal Relationships
    Virtual Gastric Band Shyness & Blushing Post Traumatic Stress Disorders
    Improved Confidence Stammering Spiritual bereavement counselling
    Increased Self Esteem Goal Setting Travel Fear
    Migraines/Headaches Public Speaking Motivation
    Depression Procrastination Reincarnation Exploration