Why is Hypnosis So Effective

Hypnosis is extremely effective with many and varied conditions physically and emotionally, because it changes the thought patterns within the subconscious mind.


The subconscious mind is where we hold our emotions, memories and habit forming patterns. This is our deeper mind our dream mind our feeling mind.

Many people find that logic, reasoning, and willpower are often not enough to create meaningful effective and permanent change. The reason being these functions are the responsibility of the conscious mind. The conscious mind imposes all kinds of biases, pre-suppositions, prejudices, rigidity, repressions, distortions and fixed patterns of beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. In the hypnotic state, the limitations of the conscious mind are set aside for awhile and the subconscious mind becomes more influential and active. Hypnosis offers direct access to the subconscious mind which is the store room of our memories, and is the seat of our emotions, feelings, and sensations and habit forming patterns and it is the powerhouse where rapid effective change is created and more importantly maintained. Hypnotherapy is carried out with the subconscious mind assuring its success. Hypnosis is not a therapy in itself, rather therapy is carried out in hypnosis.

I believe passionately in the benefits of Hypnotherapy, it is the only therapy that deals directly with the subconscious mind.  So why and how is that important you may wonder?  Just think about it for a moment.

Consider that whenever you learned a new skill, be it riding a bike, learning to drive a car, play an instrument etc. Initially you were consciously incompetent, in other words you didn’t know how to do it.  After much repetition, you became very good at it, so much so, that you could do it without hardly thinking, almost automatically.

The brain is designed and always interested in conserving as much time and energy as it possibly can so this is why at the very first possible opportunity, when you have repeated doing something for a while this is when the job is passed over to your subconscious mind to do, so now you are subconsciously competent at doing that very thing.  We all carry out some activities and behaviours on a daily basis that we can do similarly.  Some of these are of benefit to us and save us time and energy.

Unfortunately there are learned behaviours and activities, due to experiences in our past that we also repeat subconsciously or unconsciously, many of which do not serve us well and in many cases cause us a lot of upset or misery in our lives. All too often, willpower and conscious effort do not get you the change you want.  This is where Hypnotherapy is second to none and I can help you. You can trust me to know how to navigate the mind, find where the roots of your problem began, using various therapeutic techniques I can assist you in removing these roots and the accompanying negative unwanted behaviours and attitudes just fade and die like an unwanted and now unfed weed. A weed with no roots just cannot exist.