SELF CONFIDENCE “Changing old habits and behaviors that were holding me back”

 I was referred to Rose from someone who had benefited greatly from hypnotherapy with her.

 I knew I needed a different approach when I found myself  falling into old traps of letting people’s behavior towards me, control how I was feeling and thinking about myself.  I had quite a lack of a sense of self worth, even though outwardly I was confident and happy, that came from years of pretending all was ok, but not having dealt with the core issues that were holding me back.

I had been out of work  after years of working in a corporate background and had let the outcome of life situations and changes get the better of me, and this cycle didn’t lend to me feeling confident in my approach to gaining employment or valuing myself.

This all changed once I started sessions with Rose!

Once there, Rose made me feel very comfortable and put me at ease and the sessions flowed seamlessly.  I was very interested in Rose’s specific way of dealing my particular issue and  delighted with the positive outlook she helped me gain and obstacles that I have overcome through all of this.

Rose recorded a bespoke CD for me and this has been a tremendous help to me to continue the work we started, outside of my visits to Rose. The time and effort that Rose puts into her clients is second to none and I would recommend Rose to anyone who needs the service she offers.  Since starting work with Rose, I have since found a job that suits me perfectly, am happier in myself and have the tools that I need to keep my old thought patterns at bay.

Thanks Rose!

Trisha.  Marketing & Sales


When I met Rose I was feeling very low indeed and couldn’t see the wood from the trees. Not only did Rose get me through this low point, but I came out far clearer and stronger than I had ever been.Even though I would have always been a confident person, I came out with a renewed strength in myself, with a general calmness that has benefited me in many ways. I  feel I know who I am now more than ever before.  Rose really did wonders for me, and I can’t thank her enough.  Thanks Rose!                                            Catherine. Quality Control



I worked with Rose over a couple of sessions. I was struggling to find time to fit in everything I wanted to do and was getting very frustrated at my lack of progress in certain areas of my personal and professional life.

Rose helped me to prioritize what was really important to me, and with her help as facilitator I managed to put in place a workable plan for how to achieve a better balance between my various interests. Rose’s compassion and caring nature is very obvious from the first meeting, and she created a very safe space to enable me to achieve positive change in my life. 

Brian, Solicitor._________________________________________________________