FEAR/ CLAUSTROPHOBIA                                                                                                        For as long as I can remember , I have suffered with claustrophobia and always panicked even with the thought of having to enter a lift. As you can imagine , this has spoiled many a holiday for me and my wife as I had no control over what floor I would get in hotels, and would end up using the stairs .Before a planned holiday this year I made a conscious decision to get  treatment for my complaint and visited The Lough Hypnotherapy Centre, where I booked four treatments, the last of which was a visit to a building with a number of floors and with the personal assistance of Rose, I achieved a lifetime ambition of not panicking and using the lift a number of times. Because of this, my holiday was stress free . Many thanks, George.  Maintenance Technician.                      


 I had upcoming non selective eye laser surgery and this was deemed medically necessary and urgent by my Doctors. Firstly in my right eye and 6 weeks later in my left. Due to other health matters, I was very anxious and nervous of the procedure about to take place.

I spoke to a friend who recommended I should go for Hypnosis to Rose at the Lough Hypnotherapy Centre.  I have to admit I was nervous at first but Rose’s welcoming manner put me at ease as she explained how Hypnotherapy works.  She listened to my fears and hopes at what was in store for me with the surgery and from there put in place a program to get me through the treatment.  Rose’s professionalism and understanding came through and worked perfectly for me.

As a result not only was I not anxious or nervous but believe it or not I was actually looking forward to having the surgery done. I had fantastic results to the laser treatment. If I or anyone of my family or friends needs any form of surgery or medical procedures or to address any anxieties which they might have, I would wholeheartedly and definitely recommend Rose. I honestly cant thank her enough for what she did for me.

Many thanks, Julia. Housewife.